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Lumicios Methodology

What is Lumicios Spanish Methodology?

Our methodology is structured based on a guided program with the flexibility to adapt to the student’s language skills, their personality, needs and interests. That is why we make sure that all Lumicios teachers are trained to make your learning experience unique and effective.

Do you only offer Spanish classes?

We have decided to specialize and focus solely on teaching Spanish and to be the best possible option for anyone who wishes to learn it.

What is a student advisor?

Each student at Lumicios is assigned a student advisor from the moment they enroll with us until their contract ends. The student advisor is the person who solves all the concerns and eventual inconveniences that the student may have. The advisor and the student will have direct communication, that way, the student can focus solely on learning.

What important language skills will I develop?

While we prioritize the student’s needs, we will be covering all the different language aspects: Speaking, Conversational Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. Put together, all of these develop effective communication in real life.

What materials do I need?

We have a list of books that we suggest as a complement to the classes, according to the level and interests of the student. However, these are not essential during classes. Teachers will constantly provide additional materials to supplement the lessons, of course, at no additional cost to the student.

What programs can I choose?

Lumicios offers two different Programs: Group (up to four students) and Regular Program the last one is One-to-One classes. Each Program is organized in four main levels Beginners A, B, C; Intermediate A, B, C; Intermediate / Advanced A, B, C, D, E and Advanced A, B, C.

Will the teachers be native Spanish speakers?

Yes. All teachers are native speakers, highly trained in our methodology.

How long will it take me to improve my skills to understand and speak Spanish?

The time depends on each student: their expectations, their commitment to learning, the completion of assignments, their interest in extra work at home and, of course, their previous experience and language skills.

Virtual Spanish Classes Experience

How does Lumicios Spanish differ from other forms of teaching?

In Lumicios we believe that each method offered by the market has advantages and disadvantages. Online courses, for example, are inexpensive and comprehensive, but lack the necessary guidance from a teacher. Pre-recorded courses do not allow you the necessary communication in real time to answer doubts and questions. Those that offer private independent teachers –online or face-to-face– do not allow you to have different alternatives in case there are problems with schedules, discrepancies or if the student simply wants a different teacher without forgetting what they have learned. In-person schools are very effective, but having to be present in a certain place at a certain time is not always a viable alternative for students.

Lumicios offers you the advantages of each one, without their disadvantages: a staff of native teachers with a common methodology, in real time, adjusted to your schedule, from the place you prefer, just a click away.

How do I start classes?

Once your student advisor has determined the level of your Spanish skills and you have given your availability, they will assign you a teacher. Then, you will receive a link to your virtual classroom through email and a reminder via text message one day and one hour before your class. At the time of your class, open the link and your teacher will be there to begin the lesson.

What if I am not able to attend a class?

You must communicate by any means with your student advisor to notify them of any setback you may have to reschedule your class. Keeping in mind the following:

*For Regular Program a minimum of 24 hours prior notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson is required. One hour will be deducted from the purchase hours otherwise.

*For Group Program you can request a Make-up class with a group that is already formed, this Make-up class must be taken within the 8 week period.

Can I change my class schedule if needed?

Yes. You can change your schedule as many times as you want, however we do not guarantee the same teacher or the same group (as the case may be) will be assigned; but, with the training of our teachers, you will not notice the difference.

Are the virtual classes for any level?

Of course. Lumicios Spanish evaluates the student and places them at their correct level, whether in a group or private, so that the student continues their learning oriented to their personal goals.

What do I need to take my virtual classes?

You will need a computer, tablet or a smartphone and of course, an internet connection. If you decide to use a smartphone, you will need the Google Meet application. We also recommend the use of headphones for the student’s comfort and a space free from disturbing noise.

What if I have trouble connecting to the virtual room?

Both your student advisor and teacher will be checking that you connect successfully. In the case of technical issues, they will assist you directly to resolve any connection problems.

What if I want to change my teacher?

In case of schedule differences, or others, you can request a teacher change with your student advisor. Our teachers may have different personalities, but having been trained with the Lumicios method, you will not have a problem catching up with what you have already learned.


Do you require monthly payments?

No. Lumicios offers packages by hours, and does not require any subscription. There are two programs, each one containing a number of packages that offer a certain amount of hours that determine the duration of your contract.

See all the packages and pricing here

Can I take a free trial class?

Yes, of course. Anyone can request a free trial class for their first time. This can be done through the website, by email (spanish@lumicios.com), or by calling 949.336.1867. With this free trial you may clear any questions, and best of all, without any sort of commitments afterwards.

How can I buy my virtual classes?

You can buy any package through the website with a credit or debit card (guaranteed with the security of Stripe). You may also purchase your package through Paypal, or call us (949.336.1867) and any of our operators will be glad to help you with the purchasing process.

Do I get a refund if I were to terminate my contract?

Yes. However, refunds only apply to the unused hours within 365 days after the purchasing date and a termination of service fee will be charged as follows:

* $15.00 (Regular Program) termination of service fee within the 30 days after the purchased Services.

* $25.00 (Regular Program) termination of service fee after 30 days or more of the purchased Services.

*For Group Programs refunds only apply before your first Group Class begins.

Customer Support

How does customer support work?

Lumicios offers something much better than customer support: a student advisor. The advantages of having one is that it is assigned to each student. They’re not machines, or automated messages, or different people that you have to repeatedly explain your concerns to. Your student advisor will know all your history and understand your needs, which will facilitate the solution of eventual concerns.

How do I contact my student advisor?

After you get assigned a student advisor, they will be the first to contact you to ensure that you have all the means to communicate with them either by email, text message or their Lumicios connection number.

What happens if I want to change my student advisor?

The student advisors are well selected and highly trained so that this never happens. However, if this is the case, all of your information will be transferred to your new student advisor, that way the new match does not have to start from scratch.

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