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Here you can read more about our two types of programs. Come on in this adventure that is learning Spanish!

Regular Program
(One-to-one lessons)

Tailored to fit your needs. Designed for either the casual traveler or those who desire in-depth language skills. We can accommodate, if you wish, from just the basics for your next vacation to those who desire in-depth fluency. While we are happy to adjust the program for conversational Spanish only, we always offer the four areas of learning; speaking, writing, listening, and reading. It is completely up to you. This program offers the following plans:


4 Hours



Save 0%


8 Hours



Save 6.31%


12 Hours



Save 13.27%


20 Hours



Save 22.91%


28 Hours



Save 31.21%


36 Hours



Save 36.46%

Group Program
( Up to four students)

Designed for people who enjoy learning together or those who desire to practice conversations with others of similar skill levels with the guidance of a teacher. Groups are formed according to students’ requirements: writing, grammar, conversation or reading. Groups are from
two (2) to four (4) students.



/per student

Our team plan works for you and your friends

  • 12 Hours Total
  • Max. 4 Students

*You must get the Group Code from your Student Advisor before purchasing the Team Plan.

Free Trial Class

Knowing the school’s teaching method gives you the opportunity to see if it aligns with your personal goals and expectations.

Lumicios in every step you take!

Lumicios offers two different programs, each organized in a total of fourteen levels:

Beginners A, B, C
Intermediate A, B, C
Intermediate/Advanced A, B, C, D, E
Advanced A, B, C

Once passed these levels, class will focus on conversational topics and debates, with little theory work. Each level is programmed to last twelve academic hours, with the expectation of the student completing the assigned tasks. The teachers will personalize their classes according to the student’s learning capabilities, for a better academic experience. It is our recommendation for private students to take a minimum of one hour of class a week, with the option to extend said hours, according to the student’s interest and urgency.

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