Group of students

Team (12 hrs)

Group Program

$17.75/hr for 12 hrs. Total:



Designed for people who enjoy learning together or those who desire to practice conversations with others of similar skill levels with the guidance of a teacher. Groups are formed according to students’ requirements: writing, grammar, conversation or reading. Groups are from 2 to 4 students. Contact us for more information regarding start dates.


-Hours will expire 8 weeks after attending the first group class with no refunds.

-Lessons last 1.5 hours per class for 8 weeks, one class per week for a total of 12 hours.

-A 2 to 4 member class is formed with the exception of a student making up a missed class by joining another group for a maximum of 6 students. There is no guarantee that make-up classes will be available.

-Make-up classes must be taken within the 8 week period.

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